1. 🙁 *gentlol patpatpat & sawtlee shmoo tynee babbeh *

        *preezents ob pistachio nicee cream wif wawlnutter sorss wiffie almund sliverz adn toastid sunnie seedz spinklold awn tawp* 😉

        tynee babbeh

    1. O noze! O noze!! Hour cween iz daown!!!

      *wrings hans*

      O, sawree bowt dat Hans!

      Whoop whoop whoop heer coms the CCC!

      Sweep sweep ur braynes inno a tydee pyle
      Rinse rinse wif sparklee lemmum wadder
      Tuck tuck pat pat bak inno braynium cabity
      Snap snap awn the eggstra strenff CHRG (wdoi)
      Taype taype wif rainbo cullered ducky taype
      Leeds the wai tew the splort recovery lounge
      Snuggle snuggle u inno a sawftee flannlol blankie
      Handz ober stoofed bebeh pengwin tew cuddle
      Offerz trai uv hawt chokklit an sordid pastrees.
      Smmuns YNGs fer cheek pattin an fannin dooties.
      Naow, u jus rest a minnit an doan luuk at anee cayute pixures fer a wile, kay?

  1. He loks sooooo befuddloled!! Hims lil bwaynium iz finkin bout wot happedind to endz him up in dis place -- DIs am his story ...

    wot happined? ware amz aye? wares mai mama? wares mai twee????!!!!'
    aye wux minding mai own biddniss, slurpin sum Mama milkies an den der wuz a beeg BANG!! Affer dat Aye .....
    ..??? wot?? wots nexx??

    1. Ai eoz awn teh urf!!
      Owr twee fawld daown!!
      Ai naet cud fynding Mama!
      Den dis beeg gyant skuupt mii in himz beeg furless hanz!!
      Den ai woz heer in dis brite place wif lotsa gyants. Butt dey seam nice.
      butt waerz Mama?


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