1. Furr sum reezun I weel attreebutt to bein sikklee atta da tyme -- Aye twied da Taco Bell noo brekky items -- dey wuz -- how yoo say -- BLECH!! a wastee ub wafflols!!

          1. wee dunt haz a taco bell neerbye butt ai haz seed teh kommershuls...teh krunchwrap fingie luuks otay butt ai fink ah'll pass awn teh rest. Ai admitz ai lyke the mickie d's sawsidje mkmuffin tho

            1. da crunchrap am da BLECH too -- da hashy bwouns insyde am NAWT krunchy -- dey am mushy ... an day hab da taco-y sass onna dem and I gess I hab nebber likeed da onn brekky stuffs --

              Oh YEA!! Mikky D's habs nuffin too worries aboot as far as who haz da best ub da fass fuds brekkies ...

    1. Wowwee wowzurz!!
      Naow dassa a brekkiefuss obba champeenyawnz!!

      Fankew cweenpikklol adn Bfpikklol!!! [hawt cuppa]

      HOMnomnomnomnom..sipsip..cronchcronch choochoochoo gobblolsnarrf.. sssiip..

  1. Mai hooman still in bed. Iz he broken? He sez he iz" too pooped to pop". Wat this meen? He has to take 2 buses and 4 trayns ebbery day to do rownd trip to work but WE haz to change TV channul manually bekos SUMWUN forgot to change battery on remote. Ai feel faynt jus thinking about it.

    1. Oh yoo poor poor dear!! Did dat lazy hoomin at leest feed yoo afore stayin inna da bed!!

      Ifinksew yoo mite nawt wanna get too klose- in case dat poop gets to poppin .....

    2. *pat pat pat*

      Dere, dere Smudgie. Sumtymes hoomins jus looze site uv wats impawtint inn lyfe.

      Seeriouslee tho, dat sownds lyke a killer kommute. Ai hoap ur hoomin lykes teh jawb enuff tew maik it wurfwile.

    3. 2 bussss an fore twaynes!! Yikes! Maebee nWt az bad az haulin yer butt offa da kouch ... Butt maebee yoo shud be a littlol nice to hims ..... Just a littlol K?

    4. Hii takez twu busses and fore trainz ebbry day??? am hii sum kinda weird kleptomaniac?? and whair duz hii put awl dem busses and trains??? *duz deh mafz* 😯 Datz 10 busses and 20 trains a week!!! um.... *duz more mafz* Datz 40 busses and 80 trainz inna munf!! Hii must haz wun helluva basement!!!

      1. Maebee he sellz dem??
        Maebee dats hims job!!! Taken bussssiz an twaynes an sellin demz. Cud bee lottsa munnies in a dat.

        I wunner iffn he retakes da saem twaynes?

    5. ohai Smudgie

      Mebbeh yew free kin wokking awl obbur jack wylol himz moeshunless.

      Dat wae issa win-win -- yew kin protest himz insensitibbity adn himz kin habbing a massadgee.

    6. Smudgie!
      Willie sez...
      "Handy tip. Wen ai seez my hyoomin motionless, adn sneek up berry kwietly adn *nibbol nibbol* on wun ob dair toez. Presto! Dey nawt motionless any moar!!" 😀

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