1. Suspishush goggie am suspishush!!

    hehe - mai Spencer am a suspishush goggie!! Sum thymes ifinksew hims kin reed mai mynd.

    1. Tucker am a bery suspishush kitteh....wen sheez gonna haz tew goe tew teh v-e-t ai haz tew git teh karrier owt a cupple uv dayze afore kawse wen shee seez it shee . Shee knowz it meens gowin sumware shee nawt gonna lyke

          1. Wen is tyme furr da Pebs to gets her snot meds (nawt ebbery dae) I jest grabbify her. Butt dey am jest a leetlol drop ub nawt bad tastin stuffs so nWt a beeg deel reelee.

              1. Tucker gits a thyroyd med dat iz a sorta kreem, gits rubbd inno teh shell uv hurr eer twict a day....sheez a reely guud gurl bowt itz but lyke u say....shee nawt lyke itz.

  2. YEA EMG!!! Such funneh lols!! Ware yoo bean? I nawt scene yoo talkin laterlee .... Hoeps awl am goin guds furr yoo!!

    1. Ohai EM!!! I've been good, hope all is well on your end! Oh you know me.. just being curious.. but I have visited.. all the LOLz.. too much laughing.. then

    1. An dat leg pattin an purrtendin to do a play bow am jest a bit ober da tawp furr yoo.

      Letts nawt jump da shark otay hoomin??

          1. My kittehs am suspishus , but nawt da goggies .

            Kittehs: Wot iz dat in yor hand?
            Izzit food? 😕
            Izzit GOOD food?

            Goggies: Wot is dat in yor hand?
            Nebermind, I don't care, jes throw. 😀
            Dirt clod? Whatevs. JUST THROW IT!

              1. SNC, anee wurd awn GeMeaux? Ai hoap iz feline bedder

                ai mus sai...affer *mumble mumble* yeerz uv bein ownd by kittehs dat korndishun iz sumfin ai haz neber hurd uv

                1. Ohai BF. Fankeez foar asking. Doktor still nawt gno foar shur wut tu do. Hii convinced dat it iz likely a hole in her lung dat may oar may nawt heel itself, but it's berry difficult because da air is going in an owt constantly, and yew can't really suture it coz den yoo just make moar holes. He let owt a bunch of air yesterday, but never gawt tu the end of it. Dat's why he finks it's still occuring.

                  She wuz in mush better spirits after she gawt bak hoam, and Ms SNC "slept" wif her again after I stayed wif her tu let Ms SNC get sum sleep. Dis morning she's seemed a little moar lithargic, but nawt too bad. We are taking her back tu da vet for moar observayshun. Mostly becoz he wants her close by in case her condition escalates suddenly. We'll probably be doing dat foar seberal daze until hii can determine if is going tu ever get better.

                  He iz wurking wif us on da cost of it all so dat wii don't have tu faktor dat in wif any decisions wii might have tu make. He amma good good man. He gnoze we can afford sum, but wii nawt Rockefellas, and dat wii awr moar concernd wif her quality of life dan N-E-fing else.

                    1. {{{{GeMeaux an famblee}}}}}

                      U bery luckee tew haz a vet whoo iz gudgudgud wif teh animlols an wif teh hoomins. Dr Doofus iz seeriouslee guud wif Tucker, genuinlee konserned an wantin tew dew hiz bestist but hiz peeplol skills r at -elebentee.

      1. Pleez nawt tew wurry bowt dat. Lolspeek izza bit uv silleh fun but iz nawt a reekwiremint! Lots uv peeps dunt uze it an dats purrfektlee fyne. Ebreewun welkome heer noe madder wat lankwidje dey speeks!

  3. Am dat my tayle, oar am it an ebil serpent attacking my butt?
    Is postman nice, oar am my hyoomin in mortal danger?
    Am dat poop, oar am it delishus treet?
    Haz hyoomin been gone fibe minnits, oar haz it been 5 yeerz?
    Am cayoot bebbeh kitteh friendly play mate, oar fierce nemesis?
    Did you throw da ball, oar am yoo a magician?
    Am dat just da fyre truck going by, oar am I having an aneurysm?
    Duz da air cond. jes deliber relief frum da heat, oar am malevolent spirits traveling da air ducts?

      1. (Psssssssht, EMG:
        Inn kayss yu nawt knoe, people often wave or egg stend deyr floofeh (fluffy, furry) paw (hand) of french chips / fronsch ships / fwendship (friendship) fur yew tu shaeking when they furst meating yew. 😉 )

        1. OHAI ROOFIE!!!! Sorry about that.. If it makes you feel better.. Your paw of friendships is the floofiest.. EVARRR!!!!! Nice to meet you!


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