1. De midniet kitteh am controlen de inna-ayr kitteh. Ai seend dat befoar, yup.

      Hay, ai hazza Mundane-moarnen toon fur doze pikklolz tu dansdansdans tu. Waik up ebrybodie!!!

  1. Donut furgetting!!!


    Winter in deh norfern hemisfeer haz ben deh awrflol dis yr. To sillybrate deh coming uv Sproing, wii iz gonna haz a Sproing Parade April deh 20nd, on deh 1 pm LOL.

    Plz to preparifying ur floats, marching bands, clowns, vuvuzelaz, heffalumpz, etc fur deh grand occasion.

    U kin insert a pixor in ur entry (or enny uzzer comment)!! See deh instructions at deh bottom uv deh page.

    U kin submit a SPROING LOL adn wii will posting it on deh 20th. Wii had sum issues wif deh user submitted LOLz eerlier, but dey haz awl benn sorted now. πŸ˜€

    TikkyTac sez:
    And pleez tu ermimbur dat Standurd Martch Tempoe hazbind oh fishly (bai mii *snoart*) inkreesd frum 120 stepz purr minit tu 160, so ebrywun gitz in shaip so yu kin martch lyblee!!

    1. I hoeps Spring habs SPROING'ed by den!!! Lil bits u snow todae an 20s (F) fur tomorrah morning.

      Still feelin poorly - so will werkity from hoem today. Ifinksew mai cween dat I dooz hab da pleh fing gooin round .... *sign*

      1. oh, noes!! nawt deh pleh fing going around!!!! I had it and it hung around fur THREE WEEKS!!! It am deh horriblol!!! Stock up on deh koff, koff, koff syrup and throat lozengez and tylenol and Nyquill and kleenexez.

    1. Ifinso dat wut u b finking am deh nose am deh eyez. and wut u b finking am deh eyez am deh nostrilz.

      press Ctrl and deh plus sign (axully am deh Ctrl and deh =) several timez to make fingz biggerer.

  2. Ebreewun pleez tew send an happee fowts fer mai Tucker girlie, wee goe tew teh vet pritty soon fer moar tests.....

    Heer amma pixure uv hurr ai tuuk inna waytin ruum larst Moanday:

      1. O shee difinitlee travelz inna karrier, dats it daown awn teh floor dere. Butt aifink dis wuz affer teh xrays wile wee wer waitin fer dr doofus tew kome bak inn. Dis pixure wuz taikin afore hee drayned teh nekk lump, unforshoonitlee hee hadda shaive a lil furz sew shees lawst part uv hurr pritty wite bib at dis poynt.


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