1. Good greef!!! I iz gonna haz to haz a tawk wif EM about posting awl deez kewteez bak to bak to bak so eerly in deh morning!! I wakes up and goez tu deh YLOLz home page and BAM!! three skwweeez inna row!!! Wut wuz shii finking?!?!?!?!

    1. Fur teh record,
      EM lynd awp FIBE oar SMIXX KHANSEKKYOOTIB kyoot tiny babbehs, moast ob dem occupying a hooman oar frakshun der ov.

      Khansidur hur mok catib lafftur abuv ↑.

      She am kleerleh ebbil.

      Oar teh moast diaboliklol anti-splort koach.

      Saym saym.

      And wai wii hastu trayn in koach?
      Haow menneh mileage tu awpgrayd?


          1. Aye juss want teh fursht klass seeting wiffie teh nice lumbar support.

            Nawt neebur ebbur twayd owr Elsa Mama foar nuffin!

  2. I see yer awl still alibe an kikking!! No SPLORTS at ALL!! So stawp yer wining!!

    Dis konkludes da YLOLs SPLORT readiness sooper test!! Y'all past. Yer welcome!

    1. Butt yoo nebber kno wen da nexx text will happin!!

      Keep yer s an HHGs on hand. I wuz impressed wiffy the halps gibbon to eech udder!! Way to go Pikklols

            1. AWESUM!!!!

              Just peeking in while deh huzbin gits ready to go. Wii gotted deh old disposal owt. I iz showeredd adn reddy to go shopping fur a new wun. Wii gonna stop fur brunch, go to Lowes, den stop at deh produce howse on ower way home. Den wii git to install deh new disposal. Joy, Joy, Joy!!!

              1. It's teh website it is on. Even when I change it to <img src="..." /> is doesn't show up. Some sites don't liek other sites to link directly to their pictures and will block direct links that they detect.

                Looks like I am going to have to figure out a way for peeps to automatically copy images to yesterdazelolz instead to view them in comments when they use the shortcode. That'll improve performance anyway because our site won't have to ask another site to serve the picture.

                I can also resize them when I do so that peeps browsers won't have to do it. That should improve performance even more.

                1. da furst linkee wuz direct frum da google images pages.. i clikky froo to do source page an den uzed dat wun ......... dis nawt a uzzoolwl poblano am it -- maebee nawt need a fix iffn onlee happin Kayshunally

              1. *sigh* att leest iz nawt a full SPLORT --- da test am still ok ...'
                *drags inna da fayntin kouch*
                *hip chekks BF ups onna da kouch*
                *snaps finners furr cween's cabana boi*
                Pleese to pat pat pat da cheeks and fan dat sweetie fase K? Wot? yoo needs halps to gett alla da cheeks propurrlee patted -- dats fine...
                *snap snap snap snap* Bois!! get patting!! an fannin!!

    1. Awl alyb adn kikking, she sed.
      Noe splorts, she sed.
      Adn wen am dat lumbar suppoadt combing arownd?...

      1. Juss joakin, EM! 😉

        Repruhzentayting mai daedreemz ob skwirrlie-sitting babbeh skwirrls, yoar duing it rite!! 😀


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