1. Ahoy pikklolz Bud! 😉
                      Yoo hafta skoot skoot skoot!

                      Der naow am ruum foar momma.

                      *Bud luuks ask ants at Roofie*

                      Roofie tu Bud: Dohwnt maek mii kish yoo!

        1. Ahoy yore sweet self! Yoo must B a sweetie piklol!
          (*tm iz 2 layzee 2 mayd d kullerz n stuffz 2nyte.*)

              1. I've seen Punkin try to cram into a way too small box. Then fall asleep with her front half smoochin the pointy corner. I tells her: That can't be comfortablol! She sez: It's ok, I's already sleepin here. 🙄


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