1. Cleary nawt uh guy

        I estimate dat izza 'bowt uh D cup. Maybii dubblol DD.

        Just went bra shopping wif Ms. SNC, wimminz in teh store were awl, D'awww, I hazza jellus dat himz wuz so halpful. I wuz awl liek...WUT?...I iz just rying tu git dun inna hurry and gits owta here. 😐

      2. O kome awn naow...ai kannawt bee teh ownlee wun whooz mynd went 'dere' upon seein dat rownd fing wif teh tew smallur rownd fingz inn teh kaige? Kan ai? Ai karnt bee...rite? Rite??

        *sneeks awf fer sensitibitee trayningz*


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