1. I b gud. Hurtifying a bit from halping mai little cuzzin move yesturrday, butt (!) feline a bit betterer, aifinkso. How u b, Mai Cween?

    1. 😯 *duck* *thunk* sheeeeeeesh!! dat wuz wun BEEG peece ub frozid boba fetty der!! Gud fing I duck'ed!!

      Weeeeeeee!!!! ebberywun froze da bobbfetti furr cween and SNC!!

      I didnt do nuffin butt say "hay wares dis? Y U no Dunn wiffy dat yet! I WANs summa doze!!" Oh yea an "now yoo gotsta tell me how ta uze da WHAPPITY spoon aginz ...."


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