1. *swim swim swim swim*

    Oh my goodness, what a beautiful pool! And complete with adorable accessories! Thank you!

    I've brought some plankton punch, coral crunchies and shrimp kabobs for you all!

    *waves flippers a la Kermit arms*

    1. Ohai Hugh!! Yesh, teh pooll wuz bildid speshully for yu. Teh puppehs wuz verry furro in dere inspecktifyin! Fanks fur teh sordid snax!! Ai lubs me sum shwimp kabobs an..er...um...coral crunchies..

      *nomnom kronch nomnom cronch nomnomnom*

      Urp 😳

      Godda goe an start Dyson-ing mai (boring) land howse nao.

      Hope we kin seeing moar ub yu nao taht teh pool am heer!!


      1. Yippeeskippee, a pool partee!

        *puts awn owld timey style bavving kostume wat kovers absolutlee ebreefing (teh bes luuk fer meh)

        Wares EM? We wuz spose tew



          1. WOW!! doze were such gud CONNONBALLZ!!! Arleest haff da wadders am awl splurshed owt!! Tyme to tern onna da Wadder Falls!! WHOOOOOSH -- Yippeee!! Moer wadders *frollik inna da wadderfalls* *spin spin spin* *falls down* Weeeeeeee!!!!

    2. Ohai Hugh!! Gudgudgusd too seize too agins!! I wuz jest getting the cormy beef and veggies a boylin onna da stobe!! I reelee needs a gud snackee and heer wun iz!!!

      YUMMERZ omnomnomnomnom!! Krunch krunch -- doze coral crunckies am reelee guds. Oh!! an sum PUNCH pleeze --- sluros slurps... AHHHHHHH *BUUUUUUURP* 😳 scuz mee!!


      heers sum nommy EyeRish soda breds wiffy buddar ifffn NE wun wnas sum ....

            1. It shoor is, um, yooneek. Ai doant spoze yoo gots chokklit soss for teh krill caeks? *hazza hoapful* Adn mebbe sum chawped nuts. Adn sprinklols. Adn wippy creem. Oh, adn a cheery for teh tawp. Yup, taht otter do it.

              1. hee hee!!! Ifiksew yoo mite find dat stuffs ober onna da desert buufay ... But pweeze -- da otter am heer to plays inna da wadder falls - pweeze to not puts dem onna yer desert!! 😆

  2. I fear I must swim off now friends. Thank you all for the wonderful pool and the party! I will be back to visit you often!

    *swim swim swim swims away*

    1. Fankeez, mai cween! ackshully, Serena wuz 2 kornserned abowt sleepifying in hur sun puddlol dis mawning 2 get onna stikk and send dis 2 U urrly enuf in d daye sew dat d ozzies kud B wishified a Happy St. Paddy's Day, 2, butt! dese lil guys haz bin hur frenz 4 a kupplol uv yeerz naow Nd dey awwayz habs sumpin tymelee 2 say.

      Sew 2 awlla peepz hooz awreddy sleepiNg, Serena sez "Happy Awmost-St. Joseff's Day" 2-marra insted. (my wunnermuss b-i-l Jofus wuz boarned awn dat day, datz how kum ai noze dat.)

      1. Happy st pat's day to the dukkies!!! And to tm77 and ebberyone! Great costumes.

        We have a lot of young Irish tourists in Melbunn (Aussie-land) so I saw lots of peeps with green hair and shamrocks wandering around on st p's day (yesterday here). Now it is st josef's day!

        1. Ok b&b - first step is to always read the destructions. Have now read the good stuff on the skinny comments on phone screens, which is on teh home page. I am silly. Our cween is clebber.

          1. Nawt mii!! It am deh Sir NativeCa66 dat am doing awl deh stuffs fur deh mobile devices. Hii am deh guru. But fankeez fur deh compliment anyway! {{{BnB}}}

              1. I iz libbing on cough syrup, lozengez, Tylenol, juice, pudding cupz ...... napping and waking, koffing and hakking. fever runz frum 99.3 tu a hunnert point 4 and back down agin and den up agin....

          2. Ohai B&B. [waves] Furst of all, If I did nawt say it befoar...nice tu seeing yew.

            Are you all set now with the mobile device? If not, just let me know at the whappityspoonz emeow address, and will be happy to (try to) answer any questions. 😀


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